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Welcome to Aviva Businesslaw

Welcome to Aviva Businesslaw

Aviva Businesslaw and Farillio

Aviva Businesslaw, powered by Farillio, is a one-stop shop for legal and business guidance and templates providing our customers with 24/7 access to the vital content and resources which every small business needs to succeed.

Aviva Businesslaw includes videos, guides, dynamic templates, workflow tools (and more) across a range of topics important to every small business.

Every Aviva Businesslaw customer also has access to unlimited telephone legal advice. So whether they are facing a serious legal issue or just want to check something with a solicitor, they can consult with a team of legal experts whenever they need to.

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Health & safety

Business compliance

Finance, tax & debt


Commercial landlord & tenant

Marketing & branding

Business models & planning


Cyber & data security

Contractors & freelancers

Handling disagreements

Our solution empowers our customers - at whatever stage or size their business is - and enables them to manage their risks, be compliant, and avoid common legal concerns (such as employment tribunals and health and safety fines).

Free Business self-assessment tool

Our customers can take the pulse of their business and check they've got everything in place to ensure their success, from cyber security, data compliance, fitness to manage staff and more

Over 400 Legal Templates

Customers can save time and money using our dynamic online document system to quickly and easily prepare complex, legally binding contracts and policies at any time of the day

Over 500 business and legal guides; over 1,500 videos

Written in plain English in conjunction with lawyers and subject-matter experts, customers can find the answers they need across a wide range of topics to help them thrive and survive, 24/7/365

Safe storage of legal and HR contracts and policies

Customers can safely create or upload documents and store, edit, duplicate and share these online; furthermore they can be reassured that templates are always up-to-date

Workflow tools

Our task-based tools allows customers to achieve their core objectives at their own pace, delegate tasks to team members and keep track of their progress

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